Miriam Franklin, Executive Producer & Head of Production – Translation
“Francine Weiner is the consummate producer’s producer. I have worked with Francine for the past 11 years on numerous productions (tv/print/web) and she always delivers the goods on time, on (and most times UNDER budget) with a big smile. Her knowledge knows no limits and she has been known to pull a rabbit or two out of her hat under the most difficult of circumstances. When I say we have gone into battle together on numerous productions, that is an understatement – there is no one else I would trust more to have my back. She treats everyone with respect and makes everyone feel that their contributions to the process are important and appreciated – from the clients to the PA’s – and as a result, she earns their undying loyalty. She is quick and resourceful and takes all requests (no matter how insane, and trust me, we’ve had some doosies) in stride. I cannot say enough great things about her. She truly is one of a kind. I highly recommend Francine at your side on any production and look forward to working with her again and again.”
Tolley Casparis, Owner – Tolley Casparis Casting
“If every producer worked to the “Francine Weiner Standard” we would be in a very different business. Francine is amazing. I’ve worked with her several times with one of the World’s Most Notoriously Difficult Clients and the experience is always seamless. Her communication skills are flawless. Everyone knows what to expect from her, what she expects from them, how much there is to spend and how much time allotted to get it done. I’ve seen Francine under “White House War Room” type stress and she is always pleasant, smiling and keeping it running smoothly. Francine inspires those around her. At the point in difficult productions when most freelancers say ‘I’m not getting paid enough’ Francine’s crew rally’s around her and pitches in. And Francine says ‘Thank You,’ a skill most producers have long forgotten. I would crawl through broken glass for Francine and be happy to have the opportunity to do so. And you should be so lucky.”
Marcelo Burgos, Director – Chromista
“Of all the professionals I’ve had the opportunity to work with, Francine is a keeper. Not only is she a wonderful problem solver, but due to her vast experience in the field she walks the production path without hassle and with effortless grace. Even though she keeps a strict control on the budget, she has an eye for the creative side too. I’ve always felt I had my back covered to the full extent to do my job. Despite her size, she’s a fierce director’s bodyguard.”
Jim DeLoye, Connector, Maven, President – The TV Candy Store, Inc.
“Francine is such a total professional that I hold my experience with her as a valuable and formative in live action Film & TV production. I would hire Francine for any size project given any amount of variables. She will get the job done while producing results including happy clients, creatives and importantly her crew in getting the work done. Francine has experience on U.S. soil and with location work that spans the globe. If your project is seeking someone with knowledge, great producer and people skills and who can run a tight ship, Francine should be on your short list.”
Alvaro Gorospe, Founder & Managing Director – Garlic

I have been producing TV commercials in many different countries such as Argentina, Spain, Ukraine, Hungary, South Africa, Brazil, Uruguay, or Colombia. When I first went to shoot at L.A., I was lucky enough to work with Francine Weiner. SHE IS THE MOST PROFESSIONAL PRODUCER I EVER MET. She showed me there is a whole new level in my profession. It amazed me how she could be so cool, how she deals with people in such a human and professional way… You are instantly driven to give your best to the job. It’s fascinating to find such a powerful experienced person, with so much talent, dealing with people in a way that makes everybody happy to be part of the team.

I learned SO MUCH, I learned all I could. I just can’t wait to have another opportunity to return to L.A. and work with her again.

Tara Dolack Hoffman, Production Supervisor
I’ve worked with Francine on a number of jobs as her Production Coordinator (from huge Super Bowl commercials to more intimate photo shoots) and am proud to say that I’ve learned a ton about the art of producing from her. Francine’s grace under pressure and ability to handle the mix of personalities that make up a film crew is nothing short of impressive. She brings a great sense of humor to the table and is top notch at being able to diffuse a difficult situation. She treats everyone with the utmost respect- Francine is the only producer I’ve seen hug every PA on a job to thank them for their hard work. It’s refreshing to work with someone who loves their job as much as she does- it’s infectious!

Danny Flynn, Wardrobe Stylist
“Francine Weiner has been the ‘wind beneath my wings’ on many occasions both professionally and personally. Truly a special person in a crazy business.”